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December 2020  Collections & Anthologies

  • Chaber, M.E., The Twisted Trap: Six Milo March Stories (collection; Milo March)

September 2020 Collections & Anthologies

  • Brown, Fredric, The Complete Ed & Am Hunter Mysteries (Ed & Am Hunter)
    Prestigious two-volume set from Haffner Press, with an introduction by Jack Seabrook.
  • Child, Lee, editor, The Nicotine Chronicles (anthology) | Buy this book Buy the audio  Kindle it!
    Heroin, cocaine, speed, marijuana–Akashic finally unleashes an antho about a real killer… featuring new stories  by Lee Child, Joyce Carol Oates, Jonathan Ames, Eric Bogosian, Michael Imperioli, Bernice L. McFadden, Cara Black, Jerry Stah and more.
  • Mosley, Walter, The Awkward Black Man (collection; non-P.I.) | Buy this book Kindle it!
    A collection of his non-crime short fiction.

August 2020 Collections & Anthologies

June 2020 Collections & Anthologies

May 2020 Collections & Anthologies

  • Block, Lawrence, editor, The Darkling Halls of Ivy (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
    A semester’s worth of academia-themed murder & mayhem, by Ian Rankin, Joe Lansdale, Reed Farrel Coleman, Gar Anthony Haywood, Tod Goldberg, David Morrell and others.
  • Thompson, Jerry, & Owen Hill, eds., Berkeley Noir (Akashic noir) Buy this book | Kindle it!
  • Various, Shotgun Honey Presents Volume 4: Recoil (periodical) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Twenty-three tales of crime that will hit so hard that the recoil will be felt long after the stories are done, with stories by Rusty Barnes, Jen Conley, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett , Nick Kolakowski , David Nemeth, Johnny Shaw, Kieran Shea and more.

April 2020 Collections & Anthologies

  • Ballinger, Bill, The Tooth and the Nail/The Wife of the Red-Haired Man (non-P.I.; noir twofer) Buy this book Kindle it!
  • Champion, D.L., Murder Costs Money: The Complete Black Mask Cases of Rex Sackler (Rex Sackler)
    Intro by Ed Hulse, illustrated by Peter Kuhlhoff, cover by Rafael DeSoto.
  • Corris, Peter, See You at the Toxteth (collection) Buy this bookKindle it!
    Now in print! A round-up of some of the best stories featuring Sydney P.I. Cliff Hardy, plus a selection of Corris’ non-fiction columns on the world of crime and crime writing, along with his “ABC of Crime Writing.” 
  • Hodder, Mark, editor, Sexton Blake and the Great War (Sexton Blake; collection) Buy this book
    Includes The Case Of The Naval Manoeuvres, On War Service and Private Tinker.
  • King, Stephen, If It Bleeds (collection) Buy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
    Four new novellas from the master of horror, including the lead story featuring P.I. Holly Gibney.
  • Lansdale, Joe R., Of Mice and Minestrone (Hap Collins & Leonard PineBuy this book Kindle it!
    Some new stories, some favorite recipes (by Kasey Lansdale), and an intro by Kathleen Kent.
  • Lybeck, Ed, Dead Evidence: The Complete Black Mask Cases of Harrigan (Harrigan)
    Intro by Will Murray, illustrated by Arthur Rodman Bowker, cover by Jes Schlaikjer
  • Lynch, Jack, The Complete Bragg (collection; Jack BraggKindle it!
    Collects all eight novels.
  • Muller, Marcia, & Bill Pronzini, eds., Deadly Anniversaries (MWA AnthologyBuy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
    To mark their 75th anniversary, the MWA unleashes 19 tales of anniversaries gone bad, edited by one of the great married couples of crime fiction.
  • Noble, Don, editor, Alabama Noir (Akashic noir) Buy this book | Kindle it!
  • Pachter, Josh, editor, The Misadventures of Nero Wolfe: Parodies & Pastiches Featuring the Great Detective of West 35th Street (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
  • Pachter, Josh, editor, The Beat of Black Wings: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Joni Mitchell (anthology) | Kindle it!
    Includes stories by Art Taylor, Michael Bracken, Marilyn Todd, Greg Herren and a slew of others. A better investment than a  little money riding on the Maple Leafs.
  • Randisi, Robert J., The Brooklyn Trilogy (Nick Delvecchio) Buy this book Kindle it!
    Collects all three novels.
  • Reeves, Robert, Dead and Done For: The Complete Black Mask Cases of Cellini Smith (Cellini Smith)
    Intro by Kenneth S. White, cover by Rafael DeSoto
  • Winslow, Don, Broken (collection) Buy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
    Long-awaited collection, including a Boone Daniels story.
  • The Great Radio Private Eyes (OTR collection) | Buy the audio
    Almost ten hours of detective show’s from radio’s Golden Age, including epiosodes of 
    Bulldog Drummond, Candy Matson, The Falcon, Pat Novak, Michael Shayne, Richard Diamond, Philo Vance, Christopher London, Mr. Keen, Philip Marlowe, Let George Do It, Rex Saunders, Barrie Craig, Danger With Grainger, Sherlock Holmes, Casebook Of Gregory Hood, Boston Blackie, Jeff Regan, Investigator, Sam Spade and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.

March 2020 Collections & Anthologies

February 2020 Collections & Anthologies

  • Block, Lawrence, The Burglar in Short Order (Bernie Rhodenbarr) Buy this book Buy the audio Kindle it!
  • Brackman, Lisa, & Matt Coyle, editors, Crossing Borders (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    The San Diego Chapter of Sisters in Crime present stories that cross the line.
  • Edwards, Martin, editor, The Measure of Malice: Scientific Detection Stories (collection) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    A sterling collection of classic detective stories by the likes of R. Austin Freeman, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edmund Crispin, Dorothy L. Sayers and others, featuring some of the “masters of scientific deduction.”
  • Kimani, Peter, editor, Nairobi Noir (Akashic noir) Buy this book | Kindle it!
  • Various, The Private Eye Super Pack (collection) Kindle it!
    A Brash Books bundle of six complete private eye novels. Includes Atlanta Deathwatch by Ralph Dennis, Hail Storme by W.L. Ripley, The Low End Of Nowhere by Michael Stone, The Black Glove by Geoffrey Miller, Death Is Forever by Maxine O’Callaghan and The Dead Never Forget by Jack Lynch.
  • Various, Hoosier Noir: One (magazine) | Buy this book | Kindle it!
    A new mag from Indiana, featuring writers from that state. This first issue includes Les Edgerton, Don Stoll, Preston Lang, and many more, as well as Michael Mullen photography, an Author Spotlight on Alec Cizak, and an exclusive interview with Rex Weiner.
  • Westlake, Donald, Double Feature (non-P.I., Hard Case Crime) (r) | Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Reprints A Travesty and Ordo.
  • Pulp Adventures #34: City of the Dead Paperback (periodical) | Buy this book
    Another shot of new and classic pulp, with stories by William M. Hope, William Decatur, Robert Leslie Bellem (Dan Turner!), Logan Robichaud, Adam Beau McFarlane, Patti Boeckman, Sharla Wilkin, Charles Burgess and Ron Reikki.


December 2019 Collections & Anthologies

  • Daly, Carroll John, Just Another Stiff: The Collected Hard-Boiled Stories of Race Williams, Vol. 5 (Race WilliamsBuy this book
    Collects eleven stories from Dime Detective.
  • Footner, Hubert, The Scrap of Lace: The Complete Cases of Madame Storey, Volume 1 (Madame StoreyBuy this book
    Contains three novellas.
  • Wood, Simon, editor, Trouble and Strife: Crime Stories Inspired by Cockney Rhyming Slang (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Includes stories by stories by Steve Brewer, Susanna Calkins, Colin Campbell, Angel Luis Colón, Robert Dugoni, Paul Finch, Catriona McPherson, Travis Richardson, Johnny Shaw, and Sam Wiebe.

November 2019 Collections & Anthologies

  • Oates, Joyce Carol, editor, Cutting Edge (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
    One of the few places Akashic hasn’t gone with its Noir series is the ladies room, but Oates rectifies that with this no-holds-barred collection of dark, twitchy original crime stories by women writers, such as Steph Cha, Edwidge Danticat, S.J. Rozan, Aimee Bender and Oates herself. Margaret Atwood even kicks in  six new poems.
  • Penzler, Otto, editor, The Big Book of Reel Murders (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
    A big ass collection of the short stories and novellas that inspired some great — and not-so-great — movies, from the likes of Arthur Conan Doyle, Raoul Whitfield, Agatha Christie, Dashiell Hammett, Cornell Woolrich, Dennis Lehane, Edgar Allan Poe, Charlotte Armstrong and Ian Fleming.
  • Black Cart Mystery Magazine #5 (magazine) Buy this book
    Includes new stories by Michael Bracken, Dara Carr, Janice Law, Dennis Palumbo, Keith Snyder and Elizabeth Zelvin, and a classic reprint by Gil Brewer.

October 2019 Collections & Anthologies

  • Bracken, Michael, editor, The Eyes of Texas: Private Eyes from The Panhandle to The Piney Woods (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Private eye tales from the Lone star state by Trey R. Barker, Chuck Brownman, Michael Chandos, John M. Floyd, Debra H. Goldstein, James A. Hearn, Richard Helms, Robert S. Levinson, Scott Montgomery, Sandra Murphy, Josh Pachter, Michael Pool, Graham Powell, William Dylan Powell, Stephen D. Rogers, Mark Troy, and Bev Vincent.
  • Lethem, Jonathan, & Otto Penzler, editors, The Best American Mystery Short Stories 2019 (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Annual round-up of the years best, as chosen by Lethem and series editor Otto Penzler. Stories by Sharon Hunt, Harley Jane Kozak, Mark Mayer, Jennifer McMahon, Joyce Carol Oates, Brian Panowich, Tonya D. Price, Ron Rash, Robb T. White, and others.
  • Pulp Adventures #33  (periodical) Buy this magazine
    Another grab bag of of new and classic pulp fiction, by Jack Bludis (Ken Sligo!), Charles Boeckman, Sax Rohmer, Michael R. Hayfield, Teel James Glenn, Nils Gilbertson, Carson Demanns, Adam Beau McFarlane and H. Bedford-Jones.

September 2019 Collections & Anthologies

  • Jakubowski, Maxim, The Book of Extraordinary Amateur Sleuth and Private Eye Stories Buy this book | Buy the audio Kindle it!
    All new stories, presenting a mixed bag of, like the tile says, amateur sleuths AND private eyes. Not sure which are which, but includes stories by Alison Joseph, Rhys Hughes, Eric Brown, Mary Harris, David Stuart Davies (Johnny One Eye!), Paul Magrs, Sandra Murphy (Sharon Leigh!), Keith Brooke, Yvonne Eve Walus,  Williams Drama: O’Neil De Noux, Jane Finnis, Nick Mamatas, Sally Spedding, Nick Quantrill, Lavie Tidhar, Ricki Thomas and Russel D McLean (J. McNee!).

August 2019 Collections & Anthologies

  • Barnes, Rusty, editor, Tough Crime Stories 2 Buy this book
    Includes stories by Michael Bracken, Alec Cizak, S.A. Cosby, Evelyn DeShane, Tia J’anae, Nick Kolakowski, Preston Lang, Matt Mattilla, Chris McGinley, Thomas Pluck, C.A. Rowland, Rob McClure Smith, William R. Soldan, Mary Thorson and Andrew Welsh-Huggins
  • Brewer, Gil, Death is a Private Eye (collection) Buy this book
    Sixteen never-published stories by the pulp master. From Stark House.
  • Corris, Peter, See You at the Toxteth (collection) Kindle it!
    A round-up of some of the best stories featuring Sydney P.I. Cliff Hardy, plus a selection of Corris’ non-fiction columns on the world of crime and crime writing, along with his “ABC of Crime Writing.” 

July 2019 Collections & Anthologies

  • Beetner, Eric, Dark Duet: Two Noir Novellas (collection) Buy this bookKindle it!
    Includes “White Hot Pistol” and Blood On Their Hands”
  • Bishop, Paul, Fightcard: Three Punch Combo (non-P.I.; boxing collection) Buy this bookKindle it!
    Three boxing stories.
  • Bishop, Paul, editor, Criminal Tendencies: Ten More Tales of Murder & Mayhem (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
    Stories by Paul Bishop, Nikki Nelson-Hicks, Richard Prosch, Brian Drake, Mark Allen, Mike Faricy, Michael A. Baron, Jack Badelaire, Ben Boulden, and Eric Beetner.
  • Jakubowski, Maxim, editor, Invisible Blood (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Featuring new stories by Lee Child (a new Jack Reacher!), Jeffery Deaver, Denise Mina, R.J. Ellory, Christopher Fowler, Stella Duffy, Ken Bruen, Lauren Henderson, James Grady, Jason Starr, Cathi Unsworth, John Harvey and more.
  • Phillips, Gary, editor, Black Pulp II (anthology) Kindle it!
    Twelve new pulp stories featuring black heroes, by Gary Phillips, Kimberly Richardson, Joe R. Lansdale, Michael A. Gonzales, Adam Lance Garcia, Milton J. Davis, Balogun Ojetade and others.
  • Vorzimmer, Jeff, editor, The Best of Manhunt (anthology) | Buy this book Kindle it!
    39  stories from the acclaimed digest, including stories by Ed McBain, Mickey Spillane, Richard Deming, Jonathan Craig, Hal Ellson, Robert Turner, Jack Ritchie, Frank Kane, Craig Rice, Fletcher Flora, Talmage Powell, Richard S. Prather, David Alexander, Harold Q. Masur, Gil Brewer, Helen Nielsen, Erskine Caldwell, Henry Slesar, David Goodis, Lawrence Block, John D. MacDonald, Clark Howard, Fredric Brown, Donald E. Westlake, Harlan Ellison and Harry Whittington. As some doofus once said,  “Issue-for-issue and pound-for-pound, Manhunt was the best and most consistent crime mag around.”

June 2019 Collections & Anthologies

  • Bishop, Paul, editor, Pattern of Behavior: Ten Tales of Murder & Mayhem (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
    Stories by Paul Bishop, Eric Beetner, Nicholas Cain, Ben Boulden, Brian Drake, Christine Matthews, L.J. Martin, Richard Prosch, Robert Randisi, and Nicole Nelson-Hicks.
  • Davis, Graeme, editor, The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes: The Greatest Detective Stories: 1837-1914 (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
    You’d think these guys could at least come up with a better title.
  • Jaedicker, Kermit, Frederick Lorenz & D. L. Champion, Tall Dark And Dead/The Savage Chase/Run the Wild River (collection) | Buy this book
    Another trio of Lion Books reprints in Stark House’ Classic Noir series, including one P.I. novel, Tall Dark and Dead by Kermit Jaedicker.
  • Thornton, Brian, ed., Die Behind the Wheel: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Music of Steely Dan (anthology)Buy this bookKindle it!
    First the Go-Gos, now Steely Dan? Includes stories by David Corbett, Bill Fitzhugh, R.T. Lawton, Cornelia Read, Brian Thornton, Sam Wiebe and Simon Wood, but for those of you not simply reelin’ in the years, this is a slippery slope. What’s next? Michael Bolton? Air Supply? Zamfir? Go back, Jack, do it again…

May 2019 Collections & Anthologies

  • Brown, Carter, No Law Against Angels/Doll for a Big House/Chorine Makes a Killing (collection; non-P.I.Al Wheeler) Buy this book Kindle it!
    Another Carter Brown threesome from Stark House.
    Hennessy, Tim, editor, Milwaukee Noir (Akashic noir) | Buy this book 
  • Lanyon, Josh, ed. Footsteps in the Dark (anthology) | Kindle it!
    An M/M mystery/romance anthology, with plenty of crime from L.B. Gregg, Nicole Kimberling, Josh Lanyon, Dal MacLean, Z.A. Maxfield, Meg Perry, and S.C. Wynne, plus C.S. Poe introduces a new P.I., Rory Byrne.
  • Rausch, Andy, & Chris Roy, A Time for Violence (anthology)Kindle it!
    Includes stories by Max Allan Collins, Joe Lansdale, Richard Chizmar, John Russo, Stewart O’Nan & Richard Matheson
  • Rennison, Nick, editors, More Rivals of Sherlock Holmes: Stories from the Golden Age of Gaslight Crime Buy this book Kindle it!
    You’d think these guys could at least come up with a better title.
  • Ruttan, Sandra, Bry & Brian Lindenmuth, editors, The Desperate and the Damned (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
    Fourteen dark and nasties that tear into crime from all sides, by Patricia Abbott, Allan Guthrie, Thomas Pluck, Keith Rawson, Travis Richardson, and others. Recommended.
  • Wörtche, Thomas, editor, Berlin Noir (Akashic noir) | Buy this book
  • Zepeda, Gwendolyn, editor, Houston Noir (Akashic noir) | Buy this book

April 2019 Collections & Anthologies

  • Block, Lawrence, editor, At Home in the Dark (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Not noir? Well, definitely dark. A wide-ranging collection of stories by N. J. Ayres, Jill D. Block, Hilary Davidson, Jim Fusilli, Elaine Kagan, Joyce Carol Oates, Thomas Pluck, Wallace Stroby, and Duane Swierczynski, among others.
  • Causey, James, The Baby Doll Murders/Killer Take All!/Frenzy (Stark House noir collection) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Three pulp fiction classics.
  • Herren, Greg, Survivor’s Guilt and Other Stories (collection) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    A collection of Herren’s stories of southern Gothic crime, including five new ones and the first-ever Chanse MacLeod short story.
  • Perry, Anne, Odd Partners (MWA Antholgy) | Buy this book | Buy the audio | Kindle it!
  • Noir Nation No. 7: The Golden Fedora Poetry Prize Issue (periodical)  Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Special issue spotlighting the winners of their first poetry content, plus their regular fiction fgull of black humour in a jugular vein.

March 2019 Collections & Anthologies

  • Block, Lawrence, editor, Alive in Shape and Color (anthology) (r) Buy this book | Kindle it!
  • Brewer, Gil, Redheads Die Quickly and Other Stories (collection) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Expanded from 2012 collection, with five more hard-boiled gems. From Stark House.
  • Moring, Matthew, editor, Black Mask 2019 Yearbook (anthology) Buy this book
    A pulp-sized annual, featuring nine brand new storiesall in the Black Mask vein, as well as a new take on Raymond Chandler’s The Little Sister, and some classic reprints by folks like Dashiell Hammett, D.L. Champion, Carroll John Daly, Frederick Nebel, T.T. Flynn, and Frederick C. Davis.
  • West, Holly, editor, Murder-a-Go-Go’s: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Music of The Go-Go’s (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Crime writers including Lisa Brackmann,  Lori Rader-Day, Hilary Davidson, Thomas Pluck and Eric Beetner got the beat; Jane Wiedlin does the intro. And proceeds go to Planned Parenthood. Yeah, they got it!

February 2019 Collections & Anthologies

  • Hancock, Tommy, ediitor, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (Johnny Dollar; anthology) Buy it now
    Brand new tales of Old Time Radio’s “man with the action-packed expense account”! Contributors include Gary Phillips, Tommy Hancock, Joe Gentile, Ron Fortier, Eric Fein, Bobby Nash, Josh Reynolds, & Barry Reese. There’s also a deluxe edition which includes the complete, 48-page comic book from 2003.

January 2019 Collections & Anthologies

December 2018 Collections & Anthologies

  • King, Laurie R., & Leslie Klinger, For the Sake of the Game: Stories Inspired by Sherlock Holmes (anthology) Buy this book Buy the audio Kindle it!
    Another smasheroo collection, including contributions by Rhys Bowen, Reed Farrel Coleman, Jamie Freveletti, Gregg Hurwitz, Harley Jane Kozak, Zoe Sharp, Duane Swierczynski, and F. Paul Wilson.
  • Ng, Jason Y., & Susan Blumberg-Kason, editors, Hong Kong Noir (Akashic Noir) Buy this book | Kindle it!
  • Phillips, Gary, editor, Gary Phillips’ Hollis For Hire (Nate HollisBuy this book | Kindle it!
    Fans of Phillips’ big-shouldered African-American comic book eye will be glad to see him back in action in this new collection of prose
    stories by Phillips, Sara Paretsky, Scott Adlerberg, Phillip Drayer Duncan, Naomi Hirahara and Sarah M. Chen.

November 2018 Collections & Anthologies

  • Daly, Carroll John, If Death Is Respectable: The Collected Hard-Boiled Stories of Race Williams, Vol. 4 (Race Williams)
  • Richardson, Travis, Bloodshot and Bruised: Crime Stories from the South and West (collection) Buy this book Kindle it!
    Sixteen tales of hard choices and harder lives, by short story master Richardson.

October 2018 Collections & Anthologies

  • Anderson, Kevin J., Services Rendered: The Cases of Dan Shamble, Zombie PI (Dan ShambleBuy this book Kindle it!
  • Brewer, Gil, The Red Scarf/A Killer is Loose (a Stark House two-fer) Buy this book
    Two classic noir reprints by Brewer, with an intro by Paul Bishop.
  • Klinger, Leslie S., editor, Classic American Crime Fiction of the 1920s (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    The Edgar-winning Master of the Annotation serves up five pivotal, iconic novels ( House Without a Key by Earl Derr Biggers, The Benson Murder Case by S.S, Van Dine, The Roman Hat Mystery by Ellery Queen and of special interest for fans of this site, Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett and Little Caesar by W.R. Burnett),
    presented in its original form, with extensive historical and cultural annotations and illustrations to infinity and beyond, plus a detailed foreword t put things in perspective and an introduction by Otto Penzler.
  • Penzler, Otto, and Louise Penny, co-editors, The Best American Mystery Stories 2018 (anthology) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    The annual round-up of some of the genre’s very best short fiction; this time co-edited by a non-American.
  • Penzler, Otto, editor, The Big Book of Female Detectives (antholgy) Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Penzler’s annual slab of resurrected treasures boasts classic (and not-so-classic) reprints from Anna Katharine Green, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Agatha Christie, Baroness Orczy and Edgar Wallace to Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky, Linda Barnes and Laura Lippman.
  • Phillips, Gary, editor, The Obama Inheritance (anthology) | Buy this book |  Kindle it!
    Way, way out there conspiracy noir that outfoxes FOX. Contributors include Walter Mosley, Andrew Nette, Danny Gardner, Kate Flora, Anthony Neil Smith and  Robert Silverberg.
  • Wiebe, Sam, Vancouver Noir (Akashic Noir) Buy this book | Buy the audio  | Kindle it!
    Wiebe, the creator of Vancouver eyes 
    Dave Wakeland and Michael Drayton, does the nasty to his hometown, aided and abetted by Linda L. Richards, Dietrich Kalteis, Nathan Ripley and a nefarious slew of other miscreants.

September 2018 Collections & Anthologies

  • Klavan, Ross, Tim O’Mara & Charles Salzberg, Three Strikes, Three, Authors, Three Crime Novellas (anthology) Buy this book Kindle it!
  • Spillane, Mickey, Primal Spillane: The Early Stories 1941-42 (collection)Buy this book | Kindle it!
    A new, expanded version, with even more short-shorts by Spillane, mostly originally written for inclusion in comic books. Hard-boiled, crime, WWII, suspense, thrillers, monster stories & even a couple of SF tales, Spillane wrote ’em all. Edited by Lynn Myers and Max Allan Collins. 

August 2018 Collections & Anthologies

  • Adrian, Yassin, editor, Marrakech Noir (Akashic noir)Buy this book | Kindle it!
  • Penzler, Otto, editor, Bibliomysteries, Volume Two (anthology) | Buy this book | 
    More original stories of murder and mayhem in the world of books, by Ian Rankin, Thomas Perry, Joyce Carol Oates, Megan Abbott, F. Paul Wilson, James W. Hall and more.
  • Shimon, Samuel, editor, Baghdad Noir (Akashic noir)Buy this book | Kindle it!

July 2018 Collections & Anthologies




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